You've just upgraded to the latest version of Ghost and we've made a few changes that you should probably know about!

Woah, why does everything look different?

After two years and hundreds of thousands of users, we learned a great deal about what was (and wasn't) working in the old Ghost admin user interface. What you're looking at is Ghost's first major UI refresh, with a strong focus on being more usable and robust all round.

New Design

The main navigation menu, previously located at the top of your screen, has now moved over to the left. This makes it way easier to work with on mobile devices, and has the added benefit of providing ample space for upcoming features!

Lost and found: Your old posts

From talking to many of you we understand that finding old posts in the admin area was a real pain; so we've added a new magical search bar which lets you quickly find posts for editing, without having to scroll endlessly. Take it for a spin!


Questions? Comments? Send us a tweet @TryGhost

Oh, and yes – you can safely delete this draft post!